Now I’m Really Pissed!!…


Doing a little search for the Galapagos volcano (I’ve a closet hobby of seismology and vulcanology), I stumbled on a story about the tent city in Sacramento, CA. Getting a little miffed, I searched a little more and found a few more stories regarding tent cities in other locations. Then I searched a little deeper and, sure enough, some significant portion of this homelessness is being attributed to the (duhhhh!) National foreclosure problems.

OK, OK, now, I’m not always the sharpest tack in regards the finances of our great nation. But, hey now, I seem to get as many emails about how to buy cheap empty houses (due to the Nation’s foreclosure problems) as I do emails about Viagara and Hot Chicks with Big Boobs.

Now I get pretty tired of all the negativity on the news and REALLY tired of all the complaining about Barack Obama, President (yeeeeaaaah!) of the United States, harping on all the problems the US is having now that were already problems when he took office (at least the media says his new dog is cute!).

So, folks, how about a solution to the homelessness AND the ridiculously annoying emails trying to sell programs that tell us how to buy cheap empty houses–

The government has given the Nation’s banks gazillions of dollars trying to bail them out of the financial crises they created with, among other things, the National foreclosure problems (UNDER THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION). In Obama’s favor, there are programs in place helping “credit worthy” people save their homes, BUT I reckon if people are already homeless (aka foreclosed on) they probably are not “credit worthy”.

YET, there are bunches and bunches of empty homes all over the Country.

Hmmmmmm, why can’t the homeless move into these homes, fix up the ones that need it, and be given some period of time to save up a few dollars and repair their credit to be able to, well, um, find a place to live.

And while they’re at it–how about if these same banks show good faith by going through their foreclosed on customers and, where people WERE “credit worthy” before the bank’s big mess, report them somehow as having extenuating circumstances and HELPING them repair their credit.

Maybe it’s time the banks begin bailing out the citizens whose tax dollars are bailing THEM out!!!

LaVerna Huey and Tom Vickers