Devil’s Horns Over Nettie, WV…

HELLO GENTLE READERS,horns-church1481

Yes, Satan, Old Scratch, Beezelbaub, Lord of Flies, or whatever name you choose, paid a brief visit to the skies of Nettie, WV recently. We’re not sure why. Maybe he heard about our “Glow Puppy” or that “Nettie”, the lake monster, had made an appearance. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t there to visit the Ward Road Baptist Church’s Rummage Sale/Ramp Dinner.

I can tell you that the devil is the “hot” topic at the Nettie Go Mart. Billy Bob Armyboot, never at a loss for words, was telling everybody that the end of the world was nigh. Of course, Billy Bob said the same thing when a likeness Of Barack Obama appeared on his cornbread the other day.

Well, this has been a “hell-of-a” story.

Tom Vickers and LaVerna Huey