Hot Tub Conspiracy…


LaVerna and I had a wonderful honeymoon at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast on The New River, but it’s good to be back home. We’ll try to get caught up on reading the blogs we missed.

We did, however, get some disconcerting news when we got back. As many of you know, we still have a farm near Huntington, West Virginia. And on that farm we still have a number of items we need to move to our new place in Nettie. Among those items was a Hot Tub. It was stolen this week. Well, perhaps it was just “borrowed”. Nah, it was stolen.

Ya’ know, it takes a little planning to steal a hot tub. It’s not like you can effect a quick getaway. Ya’ can’t load the damn thing by yourself, it weighs too much. It won’t fit in the trunk of a car, or even the bed of a pickup. So a trailer or flatbed truck was involved. It takes at least four or five very strong people to move it, let alone load it. A CONSPIRACY!!

So, if you see a flatbed truck with five or six burly, relaxed people with wet hair and swimming attire please contact—

Tom and LaVerna Vickers

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