eHarmony Amongst Chaos…


Tom and I are currently in Ohio right now with an aunt in the hospital and an uncle who is about to undergo brain surgery next week.  It seems that the old adage, “When it rains, it pours…” is proving to be accurate this week.

We came up Tuesday to help our aunt and cousins with preparations for my uncle’s surgery.  My cousin and cousin in law, who live in West Virginia, came up Monday to take my uncle to his doctor appointment at Cleveland Clinic first thing on Tuesday morning.  My other cousin, who lives here in Ohio, left Tuesday evening for an out of town PhD class with her husband and 3 of their 8 children (the other 5 are here with us).   On Tuesday evening, about an hour after we arrived at their house, my aunt was rushed to the hospital with us following the ambulance.  After hours in the emergency room with Tom and I keeping company, my WV cousins came to relieve us.  We came home around 1:00 am to receive a phone call at 3:00 am that my aunt was being rushed into surgery for a bowel resection.  I jumped into the car with my uncle (Tom stayed here with ALL the kids–7 of them, I think) and we met my cousins at the hospital.  Surgery was successful(!!!) and, after seeing my aunt in her room, we came home about 8:00 am or so.

Then to top things off, we got an email from my Uncle Jethro back in West Virginia.  you see, when Tom and I moved to Nettie, I finally got an opportunity to get to know a few more family members that I’d not known well before.  The Richwood side of my family has been a bit estranged since nobody really ever wants to go to Richwood, anyway.  However, my son and I did a good bit of skiing last winter at Snowshoe and passed through Richwood to get there.  This gave me an opportunity to meet a few cousins and their dad, Jethro, when we stopped at the Richwood GoMart.  We’ve kept in touch ever since.

Uncle Jethro’s wife died of an undiagnosed condition a few years back and he’d been very lonely.  A few months ago, he signed up for and met a lovely young lass from Scotland.  She came up a couple weeks ago and it was “love at first sight“.  They have so much in common, especially their love of motorcycle riding.  Since last weekend was the first time without rain in weeks, they took out on the road for long romantic rides together most every day.  Yesterday, as they were out one particularly beautiful scenic route, a dog ran out in front of them and they both almost (literally) bit the dust.  Fortunately they didn’t wreck, they simply ran over the dog.

I am especially grateful right now.  My aunt here in Ohio is recuperating nicely in the hospital.  My uncle and cousins are on their way to Cleveland now to plan out his surgical schedule for next week.  My other cousins are safe out of town during the PHD class.  AND good ol’ Uncle Jethro and his lovely new WIFE, Aunt Fannie are safe at home, not having had a bike wreck.  You see, after the near miss, they both realized life is too short and, after the adrenaline wore off, they went to Virginia and immediately got married.

Uncle Jethro and my new aunt, Fannie, sent me their lovely wedding/honeymoon picture yesterday.  (Different dog, not nearly as close!)   They truly are a lovely couple.  Bless and bless them both!

I wish them all the best!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers