More Pork Barrelling For West Virginia…


It appears as though all the stimulus monies being carried under Sen. Bob Byrd’s raincoat in the middle of the night into the Great State Of West Virginia is actually being put to good use.

The little town of Nettie, WV has a fairly low crime rate compared to the rest of the nation, however the recent crime spree has shone light on the necessity for better transportation for our town’s finest.

Since we live in a community where one can actually fart on their front porches without the neighbors smelling it (in other words, it’s a loooong walk across town), our police officers really do need to be able to get around in something other than their bare feet.  As of last week, our officers were provided lovely loafers for the job, but, thanks to Sen. Bob Byrd, all that has changed.

Alas, Nettie’s finest finally have wheeled vehicles.

Thank goodness for stimulus money!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers