Enigmatic Pop Icon Dead At 50…


Let me preface this by saying I was not a Michael Jackson fan, but one must admit that like Elvis Presley and the Beatles, he made a huge mark on popular music. In some sense he brought rock-and-roll back to its African-American roots. From the little Michael Jackson of the late 60’s to the pale, pinched, breathless, little girl-like Michael of Never-Never Land, he fascinated the world.

I’m not sure that any entertainer has ever, or will ever, eclipse Michael’s weirdness. With his strange, surgically-altered appearance, his pet chimpanzee and some very odd sleep-overs, he kept himself a constant water cooler topic.

To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald,

“All Golden Lads and Lasses must,

As chimney sweeps, come to dust.”

Bon Voyage, Michael,

Tom and LaVerna Vickers