Love Monger Ministries…and Whips & Flies Excite Me!


Society was built on the back of a horse.  In Medieval England, when castles were being planned, the builders put in place housing and protection for their very expensive, extremely well trained horses before they ever started construction on human dwellings.

As a horse trainer, I often need to use tools such as crops and sticks to extend my reach to communicate safely with the horses.  Since horses tend not to like these tools, one of the first things I do in training is to help the horses associate these crops and sticks as positive implements.   We use the crops and sticks and rub them all over the horse scratching them in those oh-so-lovely places so they are not seen as punitive or harmful in any way.  In other words, they become “scratchy posts”.

Where there are horses there are flies.

Boogah, the cat who owns our home and furniture, has apparently made the same association with the fly swatter.  Whenever we pull out the stick of death for the flies, Boogah comes running and purring for her “scratchy post”.

This got me to thinking…

How many things in my life, that would otherwise be seen as really yucky, can actually be perceived as a “scratchy post”.   Perhaps in the long run, perception is the key to a really lovely life.

When I lose a job, do I perceive it as the end of the world or a fantastic opportunity?

When I wake up,  do I see how much work I need to do or am I grateful there are horses in my yard?

When someone dies, do I see it as a tremendous loss or a gift for having had them in my life?


Every day I have a choice.  Do I see the whips and pesky flies life throws at me or will I choose to see the big yuckies in my life as “SCRATCHY POSTS”?

LaVerna and Tom Vickers

P.S.–Thank you for your referrels