Love Monger Ministries–Alms For The AIDS Patients…


This morning I got a little pissed.  I went to check my email and saw an article on Yahoo! stating that in Thailand, they have found a vaccine that prevents AIDS in 31% of the recipients.

Now I know this is really good news.  HIV is a retro virus.  That means the vaccine has to work with RNA rather than DNA.  Because of this, any research they did on trying to prevent and/or cure the virus wasn’t even viable until about a decade ago.  There wasn’t the technology before that to work with RNA viruses.

After I checked my email, I logged on to WordPress to check on the blog.  Tom had already deleted countless spam comments for Cialis and Viagra.  When I signed in, there were countless more.

Now, I can understand a man wanting to perform when he gets older or in spite of health conditions that may prevent it.   But, hey, if the men are performing better, doesn’t it stand to reason that they may be potentially putting themselves at greater risk for HIV/AIDS?

How about if the pharmaceutical companies take ten cents of every dollar they spend on advertising (20 cents of every dollar they spend on sending WordPress spam) and use it for AIDS research.

Tom recently read an article that said there are more dollars spent on advertising Ambien alone than what is being spent on HIV treatment.   You know there has got to be even more money spent on Cialis and Viagra.

I know, I know, there may not be as much money in HIV/AIDS research, but if 1/4 of those fellas using Cialis and Viagra are getting there money’s worth, well then, you know…

For three decades, HIV/AIDS has been taking lives.  It’s been one decade since the technology has been around to find a cure.  Isn’t it about time the pharmaceutical companies REALLY do something about it?

LaVerna and Tom Vickers