Love Monger Ministries…HOLY WAR!!!


“If ever there was a holy war, it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Wayles Eppes, 1813. ME 13:430

A funny thing has been happening to us over the past couple of months.  Every time we turned around, we were finding dimes.  It started when Tom found a pair of dimes at a GoMart parking lot and went from there.  LaVerna found one single dime in jean pockets several times while doing laundry.  Then Tom found another dime at two different parking lots.  We found a dime on the floor after a friend spent the night.  And so on…

It would be one thing if we found an occasional penny or nickel, but it was always a dime.  After about a dozen dimes, we started wondering if it “meant” something.  Today it hit us-we have a theory that a dime’s worth of effort will bring back a dollar’s worth of return.  This seems especially true when dealing with kindness.  That’s where the idea came from.  A revolution of kindness!!!

There is no better time than the present!  We here at the Love Monger Ministries headquarters in Nettie, WV have decided enough is enough!  It is time to start a Holy War!!!

Now, we’ve had enough of fear and hate mongering.  It is time for a new method of revolution–the Mongering Of Love.

Here’s what we propose.  In the spirit of the movie, Pay It Forward, let us make a commitment to do 10 acts of random kindness per month for one year.  Nothing fancy, mind you, because “fancy” seldom wins wars.  What we are talking about is the simple day to day acts that make life better for everyone.

When we are at WalMart and there is a mother with screaming kids, instead of walking away, why not ask if she needs help instead.  If we are replacing our old winter coat with a new one, let us give the old coat to someone who needs it and may not be able to buy it at a Goodwill.  If a homeless person approaches us, why not offer to buy them a burger and fries rather than just blindly throwing them a few quarters.

We are aware that times are hard for many right now.  None of these acts of kindness require money be spent.  A smile at the right time, helping someone carry their groceries, or even anonymously sweeping someone’s porch is more than enough.  Just as long as it is 10 acts of kindness per month for one year.  Then, if someone were to ask you what they can do in return, simply ask them to take this challenge themselves.

Here’s what we figure…

The Love Monger Ministry blogs are averaging about 2,000 views each.  If half our readers take this challenge, that would be about 1,000 people doing 10 kind acts per month-10,000/month; 120,000 in one year.  If, say, 1/4 of the people helped take the challenge-2,500/month; 40,000/year times 10 acts that would yield 25,000/month; 400,000/year and out of those people, 1/4 take the challenge…we’d have over one million acts of Love Mongering in no time.

To follow up on this challenge, we have established a Love Monger Ministries MySpace account.  Should something really amazing happen to you while Love Mongering, then please feel free to go to the MySpace page and tell everyone about it on the comments section.  Let us see how long it takes each of us until someone does something kind for us and asks us to take the Love Monger challenge.

You can find us at

Now, isn’t this a Holy War worth fighting?  What a Pair-Of-Dimes shift!!!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers