Love Monger Ministries…Obama-How Dare He!!!

Los Angeles Trade Technical CollegeHELLO GENTLE READERS,

We here at Love Monger Ministries have pretty much been supportive of President Barack Obama, but this week he has gone too far!

We could live with the whole “Audacity Of Hope” thing, but then he has to go and get elected as President.  How hopeful can one man be?

Talk about  AUDACITY!  Obama, as President of the United States, is already becoming a role model for our children.  Don’t we have enough trouble with our kids without having them want to be President?

Then Obama tells our nation’s youngsters that they need to take action.  Come on now!  Action?  Doesn’t that put even more hassles on parent’s shoulders?

Then he shows an example of tremendous risks to his good name with decisions regarding both Bush’s economic crisis  and botched international relations.  Who wants their children to take risks for the greater good?  YIKES!

And NOW Obama has to go and win the Nobel Peace Prize.  HOLY SH*T!  Enough is enough, already!  How much pressure does he expect we parents to tolerate?

Presidential aspirations; striving for positive activism; risk taking for the higher good; Nobel Peace Prize aspirations–AND accepted with humility???

What an example to set for our children!

HOW DARE HE!!!!!!!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers