GOP Certain Of Barbie’s Presidential Candidacy…

Barbie-Rushmore--41703HELLO GENTLE READERS,


We have just heard it from our White House source, High Cheek Bones–

The GOP is so certain of Barbie’s 2012 Presidential candidacy that they have already begun construction on her likeness on Mt. Rushmore.

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky; Minority Leader) , was overheard saying, “We (GOP) are so sure of Barbie not only winning the Republican nomination, but also of her winning the 2012 election, that we wanted to get an early start on the Mt. Rushmore thing. ¬†Afterall, it’s not every day we get a chick for President.”

The project’s cost is being withheld, however it has been rumored to be funded primarily by several large oil, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Let’s just hope Barbie’s pose is flattering. ¬†That “picture” ain’t going anywhere.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers