GOP Candidate Barbie STONED…

Barbie-of-Willendorf--41647HELLO GENTLE READERS,


We have just been informed that Barbie was found in an indisclosed Washington D.C. hotel room lying on the floor having what looked to be a nervous breakdown.

She was reported to be muttering over and over again, “It’s just too much.  It’s just too much.”

Apparently the stress of the upcoming campaign was just too much for our 50 year old iconic beauty.

A close friend of Barbie told us that the stress has been building over the past several days.  With all the pressure of the GOP and her campaign sponsors in big oil, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies, not to mention Mattel Toys, Barbie simply gave in and toked a little too much on the wacky weed.

Maybe OUR next Barbie should be Stoner Barbie.

Too bad she wasn’t being sponsored by Little Debbie and Frito Lay.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers