Love Monger Ministries–Puppy Love…




Last Friday night, we all came home from the high school football game.  Baxter, Bear and Buddy were all there to greet us, tails a-wagging and tongues a-licking  as we got out of the car.  Saturday morning, however, all three were nowhere to be found.

By late Saturday night, we were beginning to worry.  We drove up and down the road hollaring for them, but to no avail.  When they hadn’t come home by Sunday morning, we were nearing an all out panic.

The boys went out looking and Tom and I went to the animal shelter hoping that they’d been arrested by the county dog police.  The nice man who was there to feed the critters and clean the cages let us come in and look for our three hoodlums.  None of the three dogs were there.  Several neighbors knew of our plight and promised to help us look.

Monday morning, they still weren’t home.  We printed up posters and hung them up at the two post offices flanking our neighborhood.  Tom and I hung posters at the stores, took them to the animal shelter and to the local feed store.  By this time, we were all refusing to speak our fears.  Would we find our canine compatriots?  Had something awful happened?  We agreed to not think about the worst and simply keep looking.



The NCHS Junior Varsity football game went beautifully Monday night.  Each of the boys had phenomenal plays and the team won their first victory over their biggest rival.  It was amazing!

When we came home, there was a call from a neighbor who told us she had received a phone call–someone had found a collie puppy and was keeping him until their human could be found.  Also, someone had seen a St. Bernard up the road the night before.  Tom and I went to get Buddy and hollar for Baxter and Bear where the previous night’s sighting had been.  No one had reported to seeing a black lab, but Buddy and Baxter were OK and we had the same hopes for Bear.

Tuesday morning dawned and the boys were still high as kites from their football win.  Buddy was home and we would hopefully find the other two that day.  Then the boys go out to catch the bus.  “The dogs are back, the dogs are back!!!”



You guessed it!  Apparently Tom and I yelling for them the night before reminded them that they’d been out WAAAAY too long and it was time to come home.  All three dogs greeted us with tail wags and puppy kisses, including a Buddy-nose-in-the-eye.  No one seemed hurt, other than a slight boo-boo on Buddy’s nose–squirrel, we guessed.

Our family was back together.  Everyone safe and a little exhausted.  I reckon you can imagine how well we all slept last night.

It simply amazes me how important our four-legged family members really are.  I imagine they all will be getting an extra dose of love and kisses every day.

Have you hugged your four-leggeds today?

LaVerna and Tom Vickers