A Story Ya’ Can Sink Your Teeth Into…

toothless_freak_showHELLO GENTLE READERS,

A few years ago our three dogs decided to go on an unannounced walk-about. The following is a small amount of humor that helped us out until the dogs were back home:

In the far and wide search for the 3 amigos, we printed up “lost dogs” flyers, complete with pictures of the dogs. We posted these flyers in Post Offices, the Animal Shelter and convenience stores. At one convenience store, the Nettie Go Mart, a bulletin board is located at the back of the store for notices. There were the usual “lost dogs”, “painting done” and “rifle for sale” notices. Well, this particular board had pinned to it a plastic baggie with a partial denture plate inside. No kidding, this is a “lost-and-found” item you don’t see every day.

One can only wonder about the story behind the loss of this denture plate, but you can bet that alcohol was involved.

By the way, if you found a partial denture plate would you think to pick it up, secure it in a baggie and rush it to the nearest convenience store bulletin board? If so, you’re sure more filled with the milk of human kindness than I.

So if you’re in Nettie, WV and chance upon a toothless person, please refer them to the Go Mart.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers