Love Monger Ministries–“A One-Legged Whore”…

wishbrains2_20080814151023_tHELLO GENTLE READERS,

In an ill-spent youth, I used to hang out a lot in bars and taverns. One of these was Ma’Ha’s Short Snorter. Ma’Ha’s was not your mahogany-paneled, brass-railed, Manhatten Ice Tea type of establishment. Ma’Ha’s was a red-eye whiskey, Stroh’s Bohemian Style Beer kinda’ place. Cheers it was not, nor, did it wish to be. It was one of those places where “everybody forgot your name”, assuming they knew it in the first place. It was very entertaining, though. It was like belonging to a “Fight of the Night” club. But, I met some very interesting people there and, that’s the subject of this post.

One of those folks was Sally. Sally was a Caterer by trade. She “catered” to the sexual desires of all who had the itch and the jingle with which to scratch. I met her when she sidled up to me at the bar and said, “Mister, for fifty dollars I’ll do anything you want“! So, I asked her to paint my house. She threw back her head and laughed, filling Ma’Ha’s  with that rich, whisky-stained voice. She allowed as how she’d never been asked to do anything quite that kinky but, maybe I’d buy her a drink while she thought it over. I did. She declined.

Sally had lost her left leg in an automobile accident and wasn’t the least bit self-conscious about it. It never seemed to hurt her trade either. This was one happy hooker. I got to know Sally (not as a customer) and she makes my top 25 list of people to admire. She accepted life as it was presented to her. Was her choice of occupation unfortunate? I don’t know. All cultures put value on a woman’s sexuality. We seem to get queasy, though, when that value is expressed in money. She was not the “whore with a heart of gold”, she was just another person providing for her family. Quite well, thank you.

God bless you, Sally.

Tom Vickers