Love Monger Ministries–Welfare Is For The Birds…


Tom and I went outside this morning to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves and the various and assundry critters that share our yard with us.

Last summer, we wrote about the hummingbirds that took up residence in the trees next to our home.  They have all left us and now we are privvy to the comings and goings of other winged neighbors who we are fortunate enough to be able to provide sunflower seeds for on a daily basis.

We hung 5 bird feeders last summer and have been keeping them stocked all along.  However, since cooler weather has set in, the Vickers’ bird welfare program has gone full tilt boogie.

When we hung the feeders, we bought a large bag of bird feed, half of which kept the little peepers happy throughout the warm weather.  The other half of the bag ran out in only a few short weeks.  At the store the other day, we bought another bag of sunflower seeds to fill the feeders when they were empty, which they were this morning.bird2

One little tufted titmouse, however, was apparently not pleased that we waited until it’s breakfast time to fill the feeders.  Grabbing the last few straggling seeds, it perched on the feeder looking at us, apparently in bird-ese it was saying something like, “Where the hell is my breakfast, you sloooow humans, you?”.

Immediately I went in and grabbed the bag of seeds.   When I went up to the little titmouse and motioned it to move so I might refill it’s hanging lunchbox, that little bundle of feathers and beak had the audacity to cuss me for making it move!

Now I understand what it’s like to be hungry and have someone stall my meal, but to cuss the hand that feeds me? Well, that is a bit much, I dare say!

It did, however, get me thinking…

bird3I’m sure there are times when I get a bit cranky when I don’t get what I want when I want it.  Perhaps a little lesson of the wee titmouse is a good reminder for me to show my gratitude to those who take care of me, even in the smallest ways.

Thank you, little birdy, for cussing me this morning.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers