Red Headed Bombshell And Her Petmates…


My friend Lorraine, of WWII bombshell fame, is well known for her antics.  At 70-something, she was also very active and, typical of redheads, fiercely independent.

One day she decided the fruit tree in her yard needed trimmed.  Instead of hiring someone to come and do it for her, she decided to climb into the tree and do it herself.  Starting on the lower branches, she climbed to the next level of branches and carefully trimmed the ones below her.  Then the next level and so on.

When she was finished, having climbed as high in the tree as a human dared, she suddenly realized that all the branches she had climbed to reach her current position had been trimmed too much to get back down.  She was stuck.  After two hours in the tree, a neighbor walked by and Lorraine called out for help.fruit tree

Would the neighbor please call the fire department to get her down?

On another occasion, Lorraine decided to save money by ordering her own vetrinary supplies for her dog and two cats.  Having seen an ad on TV, she called the 800#.  Later that evening, Lorraine was absolutely irate because of the false advertising.  Her phone call resulted in offers of highly explicit phone conversations of a sexual nature if one only called a 900#.

Imagine our chagrin when Lorraine informed us that the number she called was 1-800-PETMATES instead of the oft advertised 1-800-PETMEDS.

Just a few story treats about a redheaded bombshell’s tricks on this fine Halloween Day.

Have an awesome day!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers