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Well, the past month and a half seemed like pure Hell!

In mid-November, the family headed to Ohio to be with Uncle Tom in his final hours.  After the services, we left for North Carolina for a business trip.  Then a few days after arriving home, Tom went to the emergency room with chest pains.  That hospital sent us home the next day, only to go to a different hospital less than a week later for a heart catheterization and eventually a triple bypass, the day after our younger son had minor surgery.

We came home Christmas Day!

Suffice it to say, we haven’t had much time to write, or to breathe for that matter.

I can say, however, now that everyone is well into recovery from the goings on of the past month and a half, that life is good and we are VERY happy to be home.

You know, it’s funny how easy it is to keep the faith when life is calm and all is well.  But when life throws a series of curve balls?  There have been more than a few moments when I questioned all the “faith hype” and began to doubt.

That’s where family came in.  Not only blood family (I wouldn’t have made it through without Tom’s AMAZING daughter) but also our chosen family-you know, those friends who are so much more that the only word for them is FAMILY.

I’ve learned something wonderful through all of this…

When my own faith is faltering, it is perfectly acceptable and often desirable to borrow someone else’s.  I reckon I never thought of “faith” or ” strength” as transferable entities, but apparently they are.

Maybe the best part of tough times is realizing in our gut that we never have to do “it” alone.

Merry late Yulchrismakwanzachaunamas everyone and may the coming New Year be the best one ever!!!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers

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