Love Monger Ministries-Alien Signal Interpretation…


My cousin, Tommy, called yesterday evening.  The folks at NRAO Green Bank (also known as Green Bank Telescope-GBT), have been working 24/7 on the return signal from space.  As it turns out, once there was a basic understanding of the conceptual nature of the communications, much of the message has been fairly easy to interpret.

The young woman who started all of this, a deaf graduate student (my cousin said her name is either Susan or Suzanne so we’ll refer to her as Sue so we are correct either way), and her fiance have really helped with pulling the concepts and putting them into words for the rest of the team.

Apparently, the alien race, (who refer to themselves as something like “the people” or “the friends”, it’s hard to interpret an exact conceptual meaning, but we’ll refer to them as “The Friends” for ease of writing) don’t have “eyes” as we think of them.  What they have is a kind of receptor that absorbs light from the entire spectrum and “sees” emotions and thoughts based on the light spectrum emanating from a body.  Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  Because they don’t “see” like we humans do, they don’t have anything like a two dimensional photograph. What they do have is way beyond our technology.  It is like some kind of “reader” of the entire spectrum of light and some sound.

Anyway, they can “see” our human photographs and have tuned into our signals from the observatory.  They even have told the Green Bank folks how to send and receive signals through “holes in space” which is conceptually somewhat like a worm hole but way beyond that.  They have been sending and receiving signals and the people at GBT have “uploaded” a bunch of pictures to help in communication since theirs is a conceptual “language”.  They have gone through countless files and sent some pictures back to show us as close of an approximation of their worlds as possible with differing technologies.  We have included a few that my cousin forwarded to us.

My cousin, Tommy, tried to get us in at Green Bank, but the director of the project wouldn’t allow it.  Tommy told us that they were so packed with scientists and linguists and politicians now that he could barely walk through the hallway to get to the restroom.  He said it was like a mad house but everyone is so excited that no one is complaining.   The director told Tommy we may be able to come for a little bit after the official press release, but she couldn’t promise anything, even for my cousin, since there were a lot of other people wanting to bring guests who were a lot higher on the project than him.

Anyway, the interpretation is moving along beautifully and they are beginning to learn a great deal about this amazing race of beings.  There are even a few “discussions” about them coming to Earth to meet in person.  But that is still pretty highly classified, so Tommy can’t tell us much.

Sue, the originator of all of this has been putting in 15-20 hours a day along with her fiance in developing more and better ways of interpreting and communicating.  We’ll update more as we hear anything.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers