LMM Presents–Global Warming Commission Meets In WV…



The Global Warming Commission is just finishing up their annual meeting.  As a very special honor, this year’s meeting is being held in, you guessed it!, Nicholas County, West Virgnia!!!

Anticipating this exciting event, a few weeks ago the farmer two doors down came with his tractor and cleared the driveway of nearly three feet of snow.  Of course, Tom and I were in the hospital at the time, but our next door neighbor, Granny, asked the farmer to come on over and move the snow with his blade.

When we got home on Christmas day, there was only 4 inches or so of snow left on the ground so we gave a zealous go-ahead to the big meeting, since it was such a big deal for everyone to hold the Commision here.

After the Global Warming Commission’s Annual Flag Ceremony, the group went on to hold their meeting.

Here are a few excerpts from the minutes:

Tessa, the White Horse: “We have a tremendous crisis in the making!  The world is warming up and nobody seems to have a solution!!!!”

Tweety, the Tufted Titmouse: “How can you talk about warming?  My nest is so full of snow my family had to move to the tree cover of the woods”

Dolly, the Draft Mare: “Is the world really warming up?  Our coats are thicker and shaggier than ever!  My apologies to our feathered friends, I suppose I should have limited the comment to furry mammals only”

Tessa, the White Horse: “I tell you the world IS warming.  The snow is simply an effect of the warming.  The atmospheric warming is making it colder.  We Must DO something!!!!!”

Alfie, the Great Black Mare: “Please, please, friends.  I think the problem isn’t the warming of the world, but in the panic we all indulge in due to climate changes in general.  Just the other day, I heard our humans discussing the prophecies of doom and gloom appearing on their television sets.  Panic is popular.  Perhaps THAT’s the problem”

Tessa, the White Horse: “Panic, schmanic!  There MUST be a problem.  We are all told there is a problem.  What are we going to DO about it?”

Misty, the Wise Bay Horse: “My dear friends, I believe the solution for all of the creatures on the Earth isn’t to panic about warming or cooling, but to be aware of how we live.  We horses apparently need to fart less.  The birds need to build nests only as big as they need.  The dogs need to eat only until they are full and not over indulge.  Humans need to be more responsible and limit their overall consumption to a needs base.  If we all do our part and DON’T Panic, we should all be a whole lot better off.  Please friends, let us all do our part and be more responsible to our great Mother Earth”


LaVerna and Tom Vickers