Love Monger Ministries–How Many Einsteins Does It Take…


How many Albert Einsteins does it take to change a lightbulb?  How many Mother Teresas does it take to end world hunger?  How many Michio Kakus does it take to make the world a better place for everyone?

Imagine this scenario…

A young woman in a small village in Tonga is growing up in an average home with an average family making an average Tongan income.  This girl goes to school and gets average grades.  Why?  Because she’s bored!  She sits goes on the internet and does the Facebook thing and even writes a blog or two about how to stop chips in her nail polish.  All around her live other Tongans who are suffering from H1N1 and this girl, unbeknownst to those around her, figures out that some Tongan fruit that only a few of her friends and family members eat, seems to be keeping herself, her family, and her few friends from getting the dreaded flu.

You see, this average Tongan young woman has a not so average IQ of about 142.  Since she is bored, she often finds herself daydreaming and thinking up cures to anything that comes about.  Her fantasy is to go to medical school some day, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for her.

Now, what if there were an internet site where a John’s Hopkins University epidemiology student has almost figured out a cure for influenza, but can’t quite get the missing piece.  This student presents the problem on a website and the girl, looking up information about her idea stumbles upon the web page.  This young Tongan girl  presents her idea about the fruit and the John’s Hopkins student gets his missing piece.

Voila! The world now has an influenza cure, the Tongan girl gets a full-ride scholarship to John’s Hopkins, where she continues to work on cures and both she and the epidemiology student have enough money, paid by the pharmaceutical companies, for themselves and their families to live in relative comfort for a VERY long time.

They say opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.  I say opinions are like hair and fingernails-everyone has them but they most generally get cut off and thrown away, even if they are unusually good.

A gifted person is one whose IQ is in the top 2%.  Albert Einstein’s IQ, guessed to be about 160, was in the top 1% (actually, 165 is the top 1%, but for the sake of math and errors in scores, we’ll say 1%).

OK, so there are about 6 billion people in the world.  10% would be 600 million, 1% about 60 million.  That’s 60 MILLION PEOPLE WITH ALBERT EINSTEIN’S IQ ALIVE IN THE WORLD TODAY!!!

So, we’ll cut out 50% of those people due to laziness, lack of motivation, drug and alcohol addiction, etc., that affect the highly intelligent, that leaves 30 MILLION people who could potentially have the impact of Einstein, IF given the opportunity.

Where do these people live?  Everywhere, statistically.  They are often bored in school, if in school, and getting mediocre grades.  They live in inner cities and remote villages.  They may tend to have poor social skills and may be extremely shy or backward.

So, what about the internet as a tool for these folks to get in touch.  Boredom ceases to be as much of an issue, because, heaven knows, smart people LOVE to solve problems and state their (often excessive) opinions.  Social issues are aided by the anonymity of the internet.

Heck, imagine this, a neo-nazi is goofing around online and stumbles onto a website where he looks at another persons research on ending world hunger.  The neo-nazi dude, well indoctrinated in survival skills, presents a partial solution involving K rations bought cheap on a different website.  Then an inner-city VERY hip-hop African American boy stumbles onto the neo-nazis information and writes a little more about roof-top gardens and how paprika makes dehydrated food taste better.  The original researcher reads both comments and…

Voila! again, these three people have a base solution for world hunger.

Off to Switzerland go all three fellows, never having met, to get their Nobel Peace Prize.  Of course, the Neo-Nazi, now quite well off with 1/3 of the Nobel prize money, rethinks his ideas and embraces his hip-hop brother, whose ideas have also changed, along with his family’s address, and all three young men become co-students at UC Berkley (full-ride, of course) as well as co-brothers in Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity.

Tom and I aren’t internet experts.  But someone out there is.  Perhaps one of you could start the website, and another help with finances, and another with the legal stuff, and another with getting the advertising, and another with getting the word out, and another with bringing universities on board, and another……

LaVerna and Tom Vickers