Haiti Aid–In Our Best Interest?…


You’re starting to hear a little bit of grumbling about the U.S. aid to Haiti following the earthquake. The common theme is, “let’s help Americans first”. Fair enough, I guess. There are great needs in America and, as they say, charity begins at home. But, is ignoring the great need in Haiti in America’s best interest?

I remember many years ago when the coal company dam broke in Buffalo Creek, WV. Many lives were lost, houses destroyed and lives disrupted. I went with my dad to deliver fresh water and witnessed this first hand. Many, many people came to help. People from many states. Should those people from out of state have stayed and helped the people in need in their own communities?

When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, people from all over the world lent a hand to the stricken. Should they have stayed in their own countries and helped those in need there?

I don’t have the answers but, I think that life has the same value in Haiti, Buffalo Creek or New Orleans.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers