Love Monger Ministries-Wisdom From The Mouths Of Teenagers…


It always pleases us when our boys show open-mindedness and appreciation of different cultures and religions.  Just the other day, our 16 year old told us of his interest in Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam.  He didn’t know much about the Sufis, but what he did know greatly interested him.

He later asked us how we’d feel if he converted to Sufism/Islam.  We told him that if it made him happy, we’d be fine with it.

Everything was great until he discovered he’d have to stop everything and lay out a prayer rug five times each day, facing Mecca.  He’d also have to give up bacon.   The bacon part was livable, but to have to stop EVERYTHING 5 times a day?  That might be more than he bargained for.  He might have to stop in the middle of a video game or something.

This morning, he informed us that he was interested in Hinduism.  A beautiful religion, we told him, but he’d have to give up beef, as cows are considered sacred to Hindus.

That idea didn’t suit him one bit–afterall, cheeseburgers are one of his favorite foods!

“What about Judaism?”, he asked?  Tom filled him in on a bit of Kosher “rules”.  “Buddhism?”  Vegetarian diet, we told him.

Yes, it is wonderful to have open-minded teenagers.  At least as long as it doesn’t interfere with a teenager’s appetite.

Oh Well!!!

By the way, can you please pass the ketchup?

LaVerna and Tom Vickers