Explosive Romance or Get Bombed at Cactus Joe’s…


I guess this incident has been “twittered” stale, but we’re going to comment on it anyway.

The sleepy little town of Barboursville, WV was rudely awakened in the wee hours of Saturday morning last by a KA-BOOM! Police were dipatched to a little bar called Cactus Joe’s (see their MySpace site for the daily specials) across from the Kroger grocery store. It seems that a stalker, Mark Jeffrey, had just vaporized himself with a home-devised pipe bomb (can you say “Darwin Awards”). Mark had built three of these devices, two of which were exploded by the Bomb Squad. All indications are that the ex-wife was the intended victim along with the other bar patrons. We don’t want to make light of this tragedy, but there have been so many sad stories in WV over the years that dark humor has been infused into our Hillbilly DNA.

Having once lived about 20 minutes away from this bar, we are naturally following this tragic story, especially since our friend, Loraine, nearly blew herself up with an unexploded WWII shell only 5 blocks away from Cactus Joe’s.

Oh well, I guess this story is just another 9-day wonder. In case you were wondering, the bar was open the next evening. Ya can’t keep a good bar down (or blow one up, for that matter).

Tom and LaVerna Vickers