Sarah Palin In Hollywood???


Yes, here it is folks!  You’ve heard it from us first!  Sarah Palin, in an attempt to save what little dignity the Republican Party still has managed to hold onto (by the skin of it’s teeth), is quitting politics and moving on to, yes you heard me correctly, ACTING.

In her Hollywood debut, Sarah will be replacing the original Governator, Arnold Swartzenegger, as the new anti-hero of Terminator 5-Revenge Of The Implants.

When questioned about her sudden change in professional aspirations, Sarah only replied, “Yeah, it’s a little backwards going from politics to acting, but hey, I am a little backwards.  After all, my behind IS my best shot!”

She also commented that she wasn’t leaving the GOP completely.  Apparently she’ll be doing a series of promotions for the Replubicans over the next few weeks.

THAT ought to be interesting!!!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers

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  1. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

  2. Irgend ne Ahnung wie sehr das verallgemeinerbar ist?

  3. Super Artikel, jetzt muss ich nur noch jemanden finden der Ahnung davon hat und mir das ganze nochmal im Detail erklaren kann.

  4. wats up man hows it going

  5. people are stupid

  6. great…

  7. keep it real, iight

  8. gr8 resrch bro… Ireta

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