Moo-tivation or “Got Milk”…


I don’t know much about cows, but with the current price of beef and milk, LaVerna is in favor of raising some. We have the pasture for it and I don’t think our horses will mind sharing.

I know a little about horses and dogs and they can be trained with proper motivation. How about cows? Well, in web surfing I came up with the perfect training profile (see attached picture). I don’t know about the cows, but I’d be “moo-tivated”.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers

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  1. Yes, but you need to present the training regime from all angles. Otherwise we will never be able to assess its true value.

    • Model was not properly motivated!

      • Damned testy, those models can be.


  2. Oh, the model! I was speaking for the cows!

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