Feed The Hungry-It’s the West Virginia Way…


My wife is too modest to relate this true story to you, so the task has fallen to me. We were watching one of the news channels last night and the subject was hunger in America. I was staggered to learn how many children go to bed hungry every night. In a nation that holds so much of of the world’s wealth, it’s criminal. Lazy adults are one thing, children quite another.

Today, while picking up lawn timbers at Home Depot, she saw two young ladies and dog holding up a sign which read, “Traveling. Hungry”. Mindful of last night’s news, she went to Fazzoli’s and got them a sandwich and some milk. When she was taking this food to them she saw that someone had dropped off a bag of Hardee’s food to them. She was so gratified that a least somebody else cared.

Rarely will we give money to folks with signs because they might buy booze or meth, but we’re usually willing to feed folks. It’s the West Virginia way! 

Tom Vickers