Pit Hissing…


Once upon a time a baby snake was hissing in his pit. His mommy said, “Stop that hissing in our pit!” The baby snake replied, “But mama, I want to hiss in our pit!” Mommy snake said, “I’m cleaning the pit now, so stop hissing!” “What pit can I hiss in, mama,” asked the baby snake? “Oh, for Pete’s sake, go over to Mrs. Potts pit and hiss in her pit,” answered mama snake.

So, the baby snake went to Mrs. Pott’s pit and started hissing. Mrs. Pott stormed into her pit and asked baby snake, “What are you doing hissing in my pit?” “My mama said I couldn’t hiss in our pit and suggested that I might hiss in your pit,” he informed. “Well, if you’re not allowed to hiss in your own pit you sure can’t hiss in my pit,” retorted Mrs. Pott. A dejected baby snake slithered on home and told mama snake that Mrs. Pott would not let him hiss in her pit. Mama snake declared, “Well I’ll be, I knew Mrs. Pott when she didn’t have a pit to hiss in!”

Tom and LaVerna Vickers