West Virginia-Home for the Weekend…


I have it on good authority that the following story is true:

St. Peter was showing a newly arrived soul around heaven for his orientation. First he showed him a neighborhood with mansions, parks and free grocery delivery. The Orientee asked, “Who lives here?” St. Peter answered, “The Baptists-they earned it!”.

Next he showed him an area with beautiful homes, glorious vistas, free cable and high-speed internet. Again, “Who lives here”? “The Methodists-they earned it!”, St. Pete allowed.

The Orientee was shown the boundless glories of heaven, with each neighborhood grander than the last, and was shocked to see an bleak area with high walls topped by razorwire. “Oh my!”, he exclaimed. “Who in the world lives there?”, he inquired. “Oh, not to worry, child. That’s the West Virginians. If we don’t wall them in they try to go home for the weekends!”

Ya’ll come on home for the weekends!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers