If Birds Had Teeth…


After nearly 1.4 million readers in over 80 countries, we here at TV’s Weblog are going to try something new. Serious poetry. We’ve written songs (even had some recorded), short stories, articles, Dr. Suess parodies and all sorts of nonsense, but never poetry. Please, as you read this, remember we’re Baby Boomers. 


If birds had teeth, I’d be afraid,

I wouldn’t go outdoors.

I’d peek out through curtains,

And crawl along the floors.

If birds had teeth, they’d eat the cats

and bully dogs and bears.

Tigers would all tremble,

in their jungle lairs.

If birds had teeth, we boomers would

cry and shout and scream.

Is this just a flashback,

Or is this a dream?

Remember, we’re Baby Boomers. We don’t have childhood memories-we have flashbacks!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers