Peeing In Space…Depends!


One thing they never show you in movies, especially futuristic sci-fi flicks, you never see heroes or villains stopping to take a leak.

Didn’t even see a MEN or WOMEN sign on the Enterprise or the Dreaded Death Star.

Come to think of it, Martha Stewart never takes a potty break.

We don’t watch much reality TV, so I don’t know if they go on wee-wee stops or not.

Could you imagine, Darth Vader, with all of the electronic components in his garb, needing to whiz, and there are no bathrooms out in “movie space”?   Wouldn’t he get electrocuted, should he have an accident?  No wonder, he was always “pissed”.

So, how do they do it in “movie land”?  Depends!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers