Love Monger Ministries Presents–THE AMERICAN WAY!


(Na-na-na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na-naaaaa etc…..)

The NRA spends gazillions of dollars lobbying for gun manufacturers, um, fighting for 2nd amendment rights. President Barack Obama proposes 19 executive orders to address mass violence. Some dude, Joseph Kelly, protests said executive orders by carrying a couple of guns to JC Penneys, all within the bounds of the law.

Here’s the alternate (and oh, so American, ending)…

Ol’ Joe is leaving Penneys with his brand spankin’ new tidy whiteys (that new gun legislation ’bout made him poop his panties), whistling a happy gun lobby tune. He bends over to tie his Jordans when, BAM!, Bubba (who isn’t watching where he’s going ’cause that chick he’s talking to is so freakin’ hot!!!) walks right into ol’ Joe.

“Watch it, Dude!”, Joe exclaims, while he adjusts his assault rifle (doggone that strap rubs when it sits wrong on the neck!).

Bobby May, a zealous NRA member with a concealed carry permit, sees Joe fiddling with his trusty dusty AR-15, and assumes the worst.

POW POW, Bobby May shoots ol’ Joe in the head.

Joe’s wife, Linda Lou, is called to the scene to say farewell to her sweetheart.

Being a good American, Linda Lou immediately calls a lawyer to sue ol’ Bobby May and the NRA for her husbands tragic demise.

Bobby May, a righteous conservative woman, calls her own lawyer and so does the NRA. Needless to say, Linda Lou wins millions of dollars in her lawsuit.

The NRA hires a dream team of lawyers (spending gazillions of dollars) to defend themselves from lawsuits.

Bobby May goes to prison on a Man. 1 charge because the current Utah DA is up for re-election.

And it’s ALL the American way….

Now you choose who is guilty! Text NRATODAY to pick your favorite villain.

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