Little Guy to Midoriami (We Should’ve “Gnome” Better!)

 DATELINE MT. MIDORIAMA–The producers of the G4 network’s game show, Ninja Warrior, announced a new Chairman of the Board today. They have come to terms with the “Spokesgnome” at Travelocity. Mr. Yakamota stated, “This Traveling Gnome is a wholesome fellow. He will bring much honor to the ‘Warrior’.” In a conference call, the Traveling Gnome expressed delight in the opportunity to work with Ninja Warrior. He was exceptionally delighted in the upcoming plans to diversify the contestant and viewing base by including Midget Ninjas. It is not known if the Gnome will oversee the construction of the smaller, “midget-appropiate” obstacle course. One producer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, had the following to say, “These have been trying times for the ‘Warrior’. As you know, Yoda, Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer did not work out as we had hoped. Perhaps this Gnome can right the ship.” When asked when we might see the Gnome at Mt. Midoriama, Mr. Yakamota said, “Right now the Gnome is lost. As long as his cellphone has a signal we can guide him in.” More as it develops.      tom vickers