Creosote and Bling-Bling…

Did you ever wonder how much gold has been mined and processed in mankind’s history? Would you like to know? The answer is 425 million pounds. This figure, of course, does not include all those wedding bands that washed down the sink and the bling-bling collection of Snoop Dog.

Do you know what is thought to be the oldest living organism in North America? No, it’s not Mick Jagger! It is the lowly creosote bush. The Native Americans used it medicinally for coughs and congestion. It is also used as a wood preservative and gives railroad ties their distinctive odor. But, can it sing “Honky Tonk Women”?

What place on earth has recorded the hottest temperature. Is it Death Valley? Brittney Spears’ bedroom? No, it’s El Azizia, Libya. It recorded a temperature of 136 degrees F. Well, maybe it is Brittney Spear’s bedroom, but Libya must be a close second.

Todays lesson brought to you by the letter “K” and the number “2″.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers