Love Monger Ministries–Doggy Treats…


In an attempt to train the three dogs that live with us, Tom and I bought little dog biscuits, and have begun a routine where we call the dogs saying, “Treats”.  It is our hope that when the dogs hear the word, “TREAT”, they will come to us for their special snack and begin associating the word to come when called.

So far, so good.  Whether coming from the garage or the woods, they have generally been running to us when called.  Of course there is a risk that they will forget their names thinking all three of them are named, “treat”, but we also hollar each of their names, so hopefully they will remember.

One issue with canine treats is teaching them to be easy, so we have them “sit” and take the treat from our hand “easy” so as to leave our human digits in tact in the training process.

Sometimes it takes a life “treat” to get me motivated to do what I need to in a timely fashion.  Whether it’s cleaning out the garage or working on the yard, it’s easy to forget that the “treat” is sometimes the simple satisfaction at seeing a job well done after the fact.  My mind often wants a “treat” in the beginning of a task to get me moving.

Also, I have a tendency to not always be “easy” in my tasks.  It is often that I will start on a project and several hours later, Tom is calling me to come eat or to stop what I’m doing because it is dark and I’ve probably overworked myself.  I’ve not yet taken any of Tom’s digits off in fighting him, but I can get a bit cranky when I’m wanting to finish a two day job in 4 or 5 hours.

Today, perhaps I can learn a lesson from the dogs.  There is a time and place for “treats” and sometimes the ebb and flow of life may not allow me to do everything in my own time frame.  However, when I am going with the flow, sometimes the “treat” life is offering may be better than the one I am working for.

In addition, when I take my “treats” easy rather than trying to force my mouth around them, the “treats” always taste better and bring more joy than when I simply gobble them up waiting for the next one.

May I savor life’s “treats” today and remember to be gentle with the “hands” that give them to me.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers