Imagine What Could Happen In Uranus…


We are so proud of our boys!  At the tender ages of 14 and (almost) 16, they are already thinking about philanthropic projects.  While driving from the tiny town of Odd, WV toward Beaver, WV (yeah, no kidding!), they discussed things they’d like to do for our Great State some day.

The boys informed us that when they grew up and graduated from college, they’d like to get good jobs and then come back home and help some of the small communities that struggle so.

Since both boys love science and support literacy, they thought they might help build a library in a nameless burg that doesn’t have access to books in the summer and let it become an actual town on the map.  They both thought a nice name for the new town would be Uranus, named after a little talked about planet.

Imagine, football games in Uranus; playing golf in Uranus; eating lunch in Uranus; selling real estate in Uranus; decorating a home in Uranus; raising horses and cattle in Uranus; holding Powwows in Uranus; going to church in Uranus; happy families living in Uranus…

We are so very happy that our boys are so civic minded.  Just thought we’d like to tell our readers about it.

Perhaps someday we may be able to say that our boys named Uranus.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers