Damn–Leave It To Beaver…


The following story is not first-hand. It’s not even second-hand or eleventh-hand but, it is purported to be true.

For the purpose of this posting we’ll call our hero “Slim” Wilson. Slim had done OK in life and decided to invest in some rural property. He built himself a small dwelling and turned the rest of the property over to the tender mercies of nature. This had been Slim’s plan all along. His property soon became a magnet for wildlife, including a pair of breeding beavers. Beavers, being beavers, did what beavers do-they built a dam. Slim was delighted. At least until he was served with a “Summons to Appear”.

It seems as though the Department of Natural Resources had a “Cease and Desist” order for Slim. He must, forthwith, return his “Wetlands” (now) property back to it’s original condition. If he wishes to build a dam in the future, he must first get an Environmental Impact Study done to determine it’s feasability.

God forbid we allow beavers onto Wetlands. Damn!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers