Love Monger Ministries–“So Ya’ Wanna’ Start A Church”?…



Recently, Reverend Upton Dowell, a self-ordained minister of his own church (The Everlasting Church of Youthful Wisdom), left his native Australia on a missionary excursion. Taking his wife and children, he set out for the jungles of New Guinea. His mission was to “save” the Tuoari tribesmen, a cannibalistic crew.


His family, friends and church members begged him to not go. He was told in New Guinea that the Touari Tribe did not want to be “saved” and thought that white missionaries were quite tasty. Undaunted, the “Right Reverend” Dowell packed his wife, kids and King James into the Rain Forest. The “Right Reverend” said that the Tuoaris would love his kids. He was right. According to a neighboring tribe, the “Right Reverend”, his wife and and all of the children were in the stewpot before King James had uttered a word. I guess some cultures digest religion better than others.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers