Two house cats were wandering in the woods. Patches was an ordinary feline. Nothing fancy, ordinary looking in appearance, VERY well fed, but obviously a well-loved companion to her humans. Guinivere’s appearance was straight from a piece of Egyptian artwork. Sleek, elegant, not thin, but having the grace and carriage that definitely made heads turn, both feline and human.

Now, alongside the woods, some human, apparently having just cleaned out their cupboards, had left a small feast of tuna and canned salmon for whatever four-legged may happen to come about. The first cat to find the morsels walked up to them and began to indulge in the lovely find. Shortly, the second cat approached and, upon doing so, the first cat raised her head and began purring, twitched her tail with all sincerity and friendliness and attempted to rub noses with the second cat. There was plenty of food for both, and the first cat was delighted to have company with which to share the feast. The second cat bristled it’s fur, glared at the first cat and hissed. Now, does it come as a surprise that the first cat was, indeed, Guinivere?

Perhaps, pretty isn’t always only on the outside.

LaVerna Huey