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Well, our house is surrounded by about 24 inches of snow and we are inside happily recovering from surgery and staying warm while watching waaaaay too much TV and finding solutions and answers for many of the troubles that are presented.

Would we have voted along with the jury on Law & Order?  Should the gold clad coin copy makers be charged with deceptive advertising?  How is it possible to save $421 with EVERY car insurance company?  Did Nostradamus really predict every event in our century or do his followers need REAL lives?

While watching an interview on Stephen Colbert’s show on Comedy Central, Tom and I saw what could become the global solution to everyone’s woes.

A post-doc dude at MIT, named Riley Crane, built a viral collaboration platform to find 10 red balloons hidden troughout the United States in just under 9 hours.  Basically, the folks at MIT used the internet to gather pertinent information from bunches of people and sources to acheive their goal.

When asked by Mr. Colbert, couldn’t this technology be used to find a cure for cancer, Mr. Riley said it was not a solid enough goal.

But, hey, why not?

What if some techno wizzard were to create a blog site just for solutions?   There already exists a site for critiquing businesses, sites for answering questions, all sorts of stuff, so why not a blog site for saving the World?

Sure, there might be teenage girls writing about how to prevent chipped nail polish, but if the site were monitered, people may write how they found treatments for cancer or HIV or influenza.

Imagine if someone wrote that there cancer went into remission after eating purple lollipops.  So what, right?  But what if 2000 people contributed that there cancer went away by eating purple lollipops?  A flag pops up (like when Tom popped a flag for the CIA writing about Amish Al Quaeda Bread) and suddenly scientists can begin researching the effect on cancer of the ingredients of purple lollipops.  Researchers could even ask the contributors about what kind of cancer or what brand of candy.

What about all of us who have some decent ideas about how to solve homelessness, or to bring about world peace, or a REALLY GOOD health care solution?  Our ideas could be written and key words could be flagged and those who make decisions could read the solutions and maybe learn a little bit from the “common” citizens.  Politician’s votes could eventually be influenced by the public who vote for them and not the businesses that give them money.  Hmmmmmmmm…

How many geniuses do we know, or don’t know, who really DO know how to solve life’s biggest problems?  How many Albert Einsteins never get listened to because they live someplace, like, say, rural West Virginia, and there only contact with the world at large is through the internet?  How about a forum for these geniuses to put there heads together and really, REALLY do some major good in the world?

Just a thought Tom and I came up with while snowed in our house in, uh, Rural West Virginia.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers