Cat Fetishes (CHOMP, CHOMP)…


Now I thought I’d seen everything…

Boogah, the cat who owns our home and furniture, has actually developed a fetish.

I know, I know, it’s not always prudent to anthropormophize our four legged friends. ¬†However this time it is most definitely apropos.

You see, several times each day, Boogah has taken to biting Tom’s toes.

With no provocation, mind you, and for no disernable reason, ¬†Boogah simply slinks up to Tom’s feet, generally when he is sitting in their favorite chair, and CHOMP!

Now I reckon I really have seen everything!!!

Well, at least Boogah doesn’t have a Barbie fetish.

(Oh, yeah, I forgot, that’s Tom’s “fetish”.)

LaVerna (and Tom) Vickers

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