Barbie For President???

Barbie-Debate--41675HELLO GENTLE READERS,


In the Republican’s urgent attempt to win the next Presidential election, and with the drastically falling popularity of Sarah Palin, the GOP has chosen an early candidate for the 2012 election.

Being that Barbie is not only very popular among the younger generations, but also VERY wealthy at 50 years old (and hey! she still looks d*mn good for her age) Barbie is being scheduled for an early debate against our current President, Barack Obama, in an attempt to get a  head start on the next Presidential election.

CNN will be covering this debate and Barbie will be interviewed shortly thereafter by both John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Look for her on Comedy Central in the days following the debate.

And remember, good readers, you heard it here first!!!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers