Entire Ski Lift Stolen! Jedi Mind Tricks?…


According to the Prague Daily Monitor, an entire ski lift was stolen in the Czech Republic. The chairs, poles, and a kilometer of cable. Now, this is not an impulse theft. You don’t just happen on a shiny ski lift, decide you want it, slip it in your pocket and walk away. This takes some planning. Did nobody notice it being dismantled? It would be hard to create a diversion large enough to pull this off. A war might do it but, the only other explanation is Jedi Mind Tricks.

Assuming you had the wherewithal to nab a lift, what in the heck would you do with it? Sell it to Donald Trump. No, he probably already has one (or two). How in the world do you “fence” a ski lift. There can’t be that many collectors.

If this theft was done on a dare, my toboggan is off to the thieves.

I hope this story has given your spirits a “lift”.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers