Guy-O-Tine’s…(This One Is For The Ladies)


Sorry guys, but this blog is for the women.

Ladies, you know that chauvinistic boss you had that stares at your boobs and not your face?  Remember that old boyfriend that left you for your best friend’s little sister?  How about politicians trying to control our wee-wees?  Oh, yeah, let’s not forget EX-husbands.

Well, just send them on down West Virginia’s exclusive titty bar, Guy-O-Tine’s.

This fully nude, adult entertainment paradise, is catered to non distinguishing men’s distinguished tastes.

Have them mention this blog and they’ll receive their first 5 drinks at half price.

(Did I mention, this establishment is wholly female owned and operated???)

Order your free passes from us, at TVs Weblog, and pass them on to those nasty fellers.  How can they resist?

(For the record, Tom is definitely NOT one of those fellers, so he doesn’t count!!!)

And, when he needs to pee out all of those drinks?

Just let the ladies send him to the men’s room.


LaVerna (and Tom) Vickers