Suess Predicts Election Outcome! Well, Sorta’…


I don’t know if it were a dream or a vision, but I found myself interviewing Dr. Suess last night. Here are the results:

Dr., who will win the November election?

It isn’t fair,

It isn’t right,

To bet on winners,

Election night!

Please, give it your best shot.

OK, I’ll say,

And save the drama,

It’ll either be Mitt,

Or Obama!

What do you think about the TV coverage?

I must say,

I must mention,

I can’t watch

Another Convention!

Saw a man  

With uncombed hair,

Talking to

An empty chair!

In ’08  

We got an itch.

Obama said

He’d make us rich. 

I don’t like

Either plan.

Get our kids

Outta’ Afghanistan!

I don’t like

Either one.

Go back to bed, Tom,

I am done!

Well, there you have it. Make of it what you will!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers