Love Monger Ministries Presents–A Relaxing Day Fishing…


Last weekend, we decided we needed a day of relaxation and the great outdoors.  We packed up fishing gear for Tom, John (our 14 year old) and me while Scott (our 16 year old) packed his bicycle in the back of the car and off to beautiful Boley Lake at Babcock State Park.

When we arrived, we were surprised to find the lake relatively free of people considering they had stocked trout only a couple days earlier.   We set up our chairs, baited our hooks and set down to relax and enjoy the day.

Meanwhile, Scott took off on his bike to explore the trails around the park.

After an hour or so of fishing, we heard a loud scream.  At first we thought it was the kid who had fallen in the lake earlier, but further listening alerted us to a woman who had taken a nasty spill from the stone steps to the lake trail.  Several people ran over to check on her, and I offered to use OnStar to call 911, since cell phone reception was spotty at best.

John brought me the car keys and I grabbed one of the woman’s travelling companions and we ran to the car to contact the EMTs.  While we waited for OnStar to take care of business, I got a text message from Scott–“I wandered into some bears territory.  I’m on Three Creeks trail.  There are cubs so I’m worried about momma.  I’ll let you know if I get out alright”.

Yeah, that was the text verbatim.  I’m sitting in the car waiting for OnStar and get THAT text message from my son.

I texted him to back out of there slowly and come back to the car NOW!

The EMTs finally showed up, Scott rode his bike back to the lake (unharmed),  Tom and I each caught a trout, and John only got a little sunburned.

Just another relaxing day fishing at the lake.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  If I hadn’t been at the car calling OnStar, I would have never gotten the text from Scott.  I’d left the phone on the charger so we’d be “technology free” for our family fishing time.   Go Figure!!!!