LMM-Global Warming Commissioner Hung Out To Dry…


Well, the Global Warming Commission members agreed that their business was mostly done so they voted to take a short break.

After stopping for World Class biscuits at The Happy Handy in Canvas, WV, they headed east to the happenin’ town of Charleston, WV.

The Commissioner, William Everette Goat (Bill E. for short), being a bit tired after easing frazzled nerves of  the other members (especially a white horse who shall remain nameless), chose to stay behind and enjoy the gourmet grazing available with the exceptionally high snow levels.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Commission, enjoying the sights on the way back from Charleston, was stopped by the police officer in the Town of Gauley Bridge (you know the type of town–small, generally avoided by locals, EVERYONE gets stopped and ticketed  for town revenue–Tom has been stopped there TWICE in the past few months).

So, this is the Global Warming Commission, right?  Well, the Globe warmed up on this fateful day.  The average temperature is generally about 40 degrees.  And, we approached normal, after about 5 weeks where the temperature never got above freezing.

Anyway, I digress, Bill E. Goat was contemplating the upper leaves on the taller trees, and enjoying the hell out of the Global Warming frigid temperatures.  Nibbling on the tallest leaves, while the snow was melting, well I’m sure you can guess what happened…..

LaVerna and Tom Vickers