Love Monger Ministries–My God Can Beat Up Your God…


What if?

Have you ever seen the TV show, Flash Forward?  It’s about an event where everyone on the planet passes out and sees a glimpse of their future.  Of course a bunch of people die and the FBI get involved and a plot is created to sell advertising and stuff.

But, let’s say for a moment that something like this really happens.  Only it isn’t a glimpse of the future, or that everyone passes out, but instead, there is a universal epiphany.  It goes something like this…

Everyone in the world is going about their business, and suddenly there is a flash of light over the entire Earth and suddenly living being realizes that the Higher Power they worship is the same one everyone else worships.

Muslim, Jew, Wiccan, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Humanist, Animist, Alienist, you name it, anyone who has some concept of a Power greater than themselves, who in some way practices faith towards that Power, is honoring the same Power.  Jesus, Allah, Shiva, they are all the same being with different names.

Hey, didn’t the Tibetan monks have some thing about the 9 billion names of god being spoken aloud?  Well, I digress…

Anyway, so everyone is having this universal epiphany that all the different gods people worship are really all the same One God (OK, “same god’s, for the polytheists out there).

Then we suddenly realize, universally, that we are, each and every one of us, children of that One Higher Power.  Gee, doesn’t that make us all siblings somehow?  Mitakuye Oyasin-All Creation, All My Relations-as the Lakota put it.

How easy would it be for a Christian and a Muslim or a Muslim and a Jew to shoot each other?  In other words, how easy would it be for one person to HATE another if we are all Children of the SAME God?

Might be pretty cool if it could really happen.

Hey, does anyone have a mind-melding-universal-epiphany-making-love-mongering machine out there?

Then maybe we’d never have the issue of “my God beating up your God”, unless of course, God is a masochist.

But that’s a whole other blog….

LaVerna and Tom Vickers