Plato used the above-titled parable to explain reality to his students. Paraphrased, it goes as follows:

A group of slaves lived their entire life in a dark cave in which the only light was a small fire. Everything they saw was seen backlit by its meager flames. This was life as they knew it. One day one of the slaves was taken out of the cave and shown the world in it’s true light. He was amazed! When he was taken back to the cave he tried reporting to his fellow slaves the true nature of the world. The “shadow” slaves didn’t believe a word he said. They could not relate to a world not like theirs.

What is my cave? What is yours? Everything I see, everyone I meet, every experience I have comes to me with it’s own DNA, flavor, sound, smell, feel, emotions, history and “lighting”. If I have the courage to step out of the “cave” and accept life as it is presented to me, then I will experience true reality.

Tom Vickers