Love Monger Ministries–Litigation Lotto…

sp_snappingturtle003HELLO GENTLE READERS,

Tom and I disagree about whether or not to publish this blog.  Tom doesn’t like sharing our personal business and I just had to share it with someone, but sharing it with our neighbors, family and friends could cause problems, so I figured it would be better to share it a bit more “anonymously” with our blog buddies.

The big news is that Tom and I just won a $27 million dollar lawsuit!!!

This is what transpired…

Last July, Tom caught a beautiful rainbow trout out of Lake Boley at Babcock State Park in West Virginia.  We were so excited, especially since a trout in July is quite an exceptional catch.  Imagine our psychic pain when a snapping turtle began to eat the fish before we even got a good picture of the catch.

In addition, when the snapping turtle got caught in my line, I tried to cut the turtle loose and it tried to bite me.  I’ve had nightmares about it at least every other week ever since.  That turtle has interupted my sleep and our peace of mind while fishing.  We live in terror of another snapping turtle repeating the whole saga over again.

We  decided to be good Americans and sue the turtle for damages.

The local animal rights group insisted on hiring a lawyer to represent the turtle saying it was only turtle nature to eat the fish, but, hey, it was OUR fish, right?

So the state Parks and Recreation, being responsible for turtle populations, was next in the lawsuit because our lawyer said that’s where the deep pockets were and turtles didn’t have any money worth suing for.

Since the State of West Virginia isn’t a wealthy state, our lawyer decided to sue the federal government as well.  More money at hand and besides, they were responsible for insisting that the State protect the snapping turtles in our waters.

The outcome of the lawsuit, an award by a jury of our peers, was $9 million each from the State, the Federal Government, and from the animal rights group, as the group volunteered to represent the turtle.

Actually, this whole story is BULLSH*T!!!

There is no lawsuit, there is no award.  A snapping turtle did try to eat Tom’s trout and another one did snap at me when I cut it loose from my line, but we did NOT sue.

The point is, as I write this and as many people read it, it is conceivable.  That’s the scary part.

Now there are VERY legitimate lawsuits.  VIOXX, PHEN-PHEN, car manufacurers, etc. who KNOWINGLY cause REAL harm.

But this story and many others aren’t legitimate.

So, who’s responsible?  The lawyers?  The judges?  The companies who perpetrate harm causing the legitimate lawsuits?  The people who sue for frivolous reasons?  The juries who award ridiculous amounts for the dumbest of reasons?  Me, for not saying how disgusting I think this kind of lawsuit is?

Just a little something to think about…

Besides, I LOVE the turtle pic and really wanted to use it!

LaVerna and Tom Vickers